Share your story

The Body Image Project kicked off in November 2007 and is, as the site explains, “an online project searching for women and girls of all ages to share their individual experiences and feelings about their own body image perceptions.” This is a recent celebratory body image post, contributed by an anonymous (as all contributors are) […]

Gastric bypass works but so did your stomach before the operation

New research shows that gastric bypass surgery is likely to be unsuccessful for, well, practically everyone. Seriously. I am not exaggerating here. The recent study cites the following as affecting the likelihood of success: being older (older than what they don’t say); gender (which gender, again they don’t say); greater initial weight (like people who […]

You think?

Today’s big fat Captain Obvious award goes to the researchers who spent a whole bunch of time, effort and (your) money to find out that those who live in “walkable” suburbs are generally thinner than those who live in less “walkable” areas. Didn’t anyone ever tell these researchers that people lie about their weight? Especially […]