I’ll pass on the Peaches, thanks

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The other day I came across an article that actually made me smile. This is not something that happens often thanks to the media obsession with the obesity epi-panic (I can’t recall who coined that phrase but I love it!).  Not only does this article display copious pictures of a bigger than average young woman but almost unbelievably, there is not one single solitary disparaging remark about this woman’s size. She is shown smiling and apparently happily enjoying herself during a night out in London. She doesn’t look at all concerned about her body (and neither she should!); it seems she has no qualms about displaying her upper arms or cleavage (and neither she should!) and she has a fantastic smile as well. Basically she is gorgeous and it was encouraging to see an article like this when all we usually get are headless fatties and articles lamenting OMG TEH FATZ!!!!111!!!